Dandruff Symptoms, Causes, Herbal Solutions & Treatments

herbal treatments and solutionsDandruff has been blamed on a  variety of different but plausible causes. These include too dry of skin, excessively oil or greasy skin, lack of cleanliness, high sugar and high fat diets, high stress levels and harsh shampoos.  And while these can contribute the real causes of the itching and flaking and even redness and irritation is actually a yeast based fungus, Malassezia globosa. This fungus loves the delicate scalp skin and uses your sebum or hair oils as food.

What Causes The Itching and Flaking?
Dandruff is simply the term for skin that sheds on the scalp. If you suffer from this condition then you simply shed skin faster than others – but why. The basic answer is a very specific fungus on the head called Malassezia Globosa. This fungis loves the scalp because of the enzymes uses the lipases found there to metabolize the oils. The result is something called oleic acid. The oleic acid then penetrates your skin and triggers your body’s natural defense system to shed skin cells and often to emit more oils than the sebum glands normally would!

Getting To The Bottom Of It To Solve The Problem
For any scalp condition or disease to thrive the conditions must be right for it. Therefore while many companies focus just on the fungus what you want to focus on is how the scalp got so out of balance that the fungi were able to thrive.

We All Have Malassezia On Our Head – Why Do Some Have It Worse?
It is true that everyone has this fungus on the head. However, the higher amount the more symptomatic you are. For example if you have a very small number then you will never have any itching, flaking, scratching, redness, irritation etc. However as the number climbs so do the severity of the symptoms. The KEY IS to restore the balance in the skin on the head to prevent this or any fungi from attacking and winning!

black hair solutions and remedies for the itching and flaking symptomsWhat Do Traditional Medicated, Over The Counter Shampoos Lack?
The over the counter shampoos simply try to counteract the fungi with anti fungal agents that are chemical based. However, if the scalp’s natural defense system is not corrected then you will constantly be battling the symptoms and will never have a long term remedy or solution!

What Herbal Treatments and Solutions Do So Well?
In the recent years there have been great strides by several companies to get a long term solution by correcting the ph of the skin on the head, cleaning out the hair follicles so that the fungi don’t thrive, reducing excess sebum production to prevent them from having a food source. And they use a special form of zinc called zinc pca that actually kills excess fungus and bacteria! These are giving long term symptom relief by correcting the out of balance problem!

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